Last blockout pass for BigBird, for real this time

Before finalizing anything, I wanted to make sure that the inside of BigBird would make at least some sense. I felt really bad about the V8 engine I gave him first. It worked in a rough blockout stage, but it’s not really consistent with the rest of the look, so I replaced it with a Go Kart engine and put in some tubes and wires as well. I hope it doesn’t show too much that I have no clue about engine mechanics (but at least he’s got an oil and gas tank and a battery now).

I also gave him the thumb back. Emus don’t really have those, but I thought it would be fun if he could use his feet to grab and lift objects, so they’re going to be stored in a folded up position during mobility mode, and fold down for manipulation mode.

Besides that, I’ve put in BigDog’s debug terminal, because I really like that dim glow behind the paneling and changed the position and proportions of the legs to be more in line with actual emu anatomy.

bigbird_wip_005 bigbird_wip_006 bigbird_wip_007

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