Monthly Archives: October 2014

Killer announcement!

Depth is here! And you can now pre-purchase it on Steam, and watch a white-tipped dorsal fin come closer and closer until a, uh, sharknado of teeth will come upon you on November 3rd.

Back in 2010/2011 I had the honor and pleasure to work with the guys who made the original Killing Floor on their love child, the infamous aquatic scuba-pants-shitter Depth, in a sort of global, yet garage-y sort of way. As is so often the case, unfortunately, life happened and people got tied up in their professional and personal lives. Before I had to drop out, I created the models, textures and rigs for the sharks in the old UDK build.
I was super excited when I heard that they had picked the project back up again. Guys, I wish you all the best. All the success this beast will undoubtedly bring is 100% deserved and earned.

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